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Wu Tang Collection

Quick Look: The Wu Tang Collection on Roku has been relaunched and is bigger than ever. (The previously-released version has been closed, so you may need to re-install the channel if you have the old version on your Roku.)

The Wu Tang Collection is not your run-of-the-mill collection of Kung-Fu style theater movies with bad lip-syncing and corny story lines. This channel is next-generation karate entertainment, with "mature content" mixed in with revenge and family honor. It is safe to assume that all of the movies went straight to video or the discount movie rack, but that doesn't mean there is not plenty of worthwhile content to kill a rainy Saturday afternoon on the couch. Where else will you find movies like Death Dual of Kung Fu (1979), Legend of the Drunken Tiger (1990), Shaolin Death Squads (1976), and Ninja Warrior Vixen (2003)?

The channel has 21 categories of films, most of which feature leading stars like Ti Lung, Wu Xia, Lo lieh and Hwang Jang Lee, just to name a few. Other categories include Shaolin, Ninja, Top Female Artists, and Bruceploitation.

-- Information is current as of August 30, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description:WU stands for Warriors Unite TANG is the flavor COLLECTION is the connection
From the mountains of China, to the streets of New York,?Wu Tang Collection brings you the best, rarest, and finest in Asian martial arts films.
The famous Wu Tang Collection brand now has a FREE streaming app that brings you the largest and best curated selection of martial arts films anywhere! This app brings you fresh content every week and goes way beyond a simple “martial arts” section to help you find the rare films our fans have come to expect.
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