Word Soup

Quick Look: Word Soup is very similar to a word search game except that you can spell words with any adjacent tiles, meaning they only need to be touching in order to be used. You can spell words backwards, zig zag, diagonally or in any random order so long as the tiles touch.

You are awarded points based on your word score, similar to what you might find in Scrabble. In order to submit a word you double tap the final letter and the score will be tallied. As you find words those tiles are deleted from the grid, so there is some strategy to the game. The ultimate goal is to clear the grid of all the tiles, which is much more difficult than it sounds.

There is a "save" available. You can also remix the letters if you get stuck, and the tiles get rearranged. There are several game modes available, Relaxed, Timed, and Brain. Detailed records of your games are recorded and achievements are earned based on your "wordsmithing" abilities.

-- Information is current as of November 6, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Word Soup is a word search game with a tactical twist. Create words within the grid of scrambled letters. Each word is removed from the grid and the letters above fall into the gaps. With careful play, letters can be strategically brought into play and used to create longer words. The starting grid is randomly generated, so no two games should ever be the same

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DEVELOPER: Fuzzy Bug Interactive

FEES: One Time Purchase of $2.99

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