WatchFreeHistoryFlix carries hundreds of full-length feature films with a historical bent. Current "Most Popular" titles include Tombstone-Rashomon (2017), which tells the Tombstone story in the style of the Japanese classic Rashomon, where history is shown from several perspectives including those of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Kate, Ike Clanton, Colonel Hafford, and Johnny Behan; and Chariots of the Gods: 50th Anniversary, the iconic documentary, restored from the original 35mm negative, based on Erich Von Daniken's book purporting to prove that throughout history aliens have visited earth.

Movies are available in the following categories, plus several more:

  • War
  • Foreign
  • TV Series
  • Musical
  • Documentary
  • Based on Real Events
  • Biographies
  • The Arts

-- Information is current as of December 29, 2022

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: WatchFreeHistoryFlix has hundreds of full-length feature History films for you to enjoy! Watch movies instantly and always FREE. Westerns, Historic dramas, War Flix, Famous Events, and More. New movies are added constantly. WatchFreeHistoryFlix as much and as often as you like! It is FREE!!

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