WatchFreeFlix Quick Look: WatchFreeFlix is a free movie channel that offers well over one hundred assorted movies and TV series in many different genres. The channel is very similar to Snagfilms, another popular free movie channel. WatchFreeFlix offers movies in the following categories:

  • Most Popular - 14 videos currently available
  • Featured Movies - 14 videos currently available
  • Comedy - 50 videos currently available
  • Horror - 21 videos currently available
  • Family/Kids - 6 videos currently available
  • TV Series - 12 videos currently available
  • Independent Films - 32 videos currently available
  • Action/Thriller - 31 videos currently available
  • Romance - 28 videos currently available
  • International Cinema - 100 videos currently available
  • Drama -60 videos currently available
  • Documentaries - 33 videos currently available
  • Everything British - 11 videos currently available

There is a fair amount of overlap between the categories, so don't be surprised to find the same movie under several different categories. There is a fairly extensive library of International movies that are not readily available on other movie channels. While I did not see any top-rated movies, I did find some that looked interesting, such as Triple Bogie on a Par 5 Hole (1991), Phillip Seymour Hoffman's feature film debut.

In addition to many low budget movies that most likely went straight to video, you will find some big stars in not so big movies, like Forget About It (2006) with Burt Reynolds and Robert Loggia, My Brother the Pig (1999) featuring Scarlett Johansson, and Ghosts Never Sleep (2005) with Faye Dunaway and Sean Young.

According to the developers there will be new material added on a regular basis.

-- Information is current as of September 10, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: WatchFreeFlix has hundreds of full-length feature movies and TV Series for you to enjoy. Watch movies instantly and always free. Comedy, horror, family, kids, action, drama, and more. We have them all. New movies are added all the time. WatchFreeFlix as much and as often as you like!

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DEVELOPER: Float Left Interactive

FEES: None