Quick Look: Wakeboarding is a magazine dedicated to the sport of high flying acrobatics while being towed at 30mph behind a boat. This channel from Wakeboarding magazine offers several categories of content pertaining to the sport, including the following:

  • Gear Guide: 7 videos
  • Axis: 8 videos discussing and assessing Axis products
  • Malibu: 8 product review videos
  • Centurion: 2 boat reviews
  • All Video: 100 unsorted videos, discussions with the athletes, gear guides, product reviews, tips, tricks and more

Below is an example of the videos found on this channel.

-- Information is current as of July 12, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: With an emphasis on high-quality photography, in-depth interviews with top riders and reviews on all the latest gear, Wakeboarding inspires its audience with fun and relevant content, anchored by expert boat analysis, quality instruction and how-to features. Its mission is to lead, connect and inspire by enlisting the talents of the most experienced professionals in the industry across multiple media channels.

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DEVELOPER: Unreel Entertainment

FEES: None

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