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Quick Look: VLTV bills itself as "Truth TV" and offers videos on the following topics (description courtesy of VLTV):

  • Educate Yourself - Educate yourself on the real world around you
  • Pedogate - See and hear the facts about Pedogate
  • Legalized Human Trafficking - CPS is the largest worldwide human trafficking ring that is legalized
  • Conspiracies - Are conspiracies really what you are told they are?
  • Marianne Azizi - Marianne is our Israeli correspondent
  • Robert David Steele - RDS is a well-known ex-CIA whistleblower who has dedicated his life to helping people around the world to wake up
  • Movies Worth Watching - Movies that are produced non-Hollywood with all of the same quality about real subjects
  • VL being interviewed by others - Once the Victurus Libertas YouTube channel got taken down abruptly, many other outlets were interested in interviewing VL for their perspective of censorship

Many if not all of the videos are interviews with guests. A sample video is available below.

-- Information is current as of June 12, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: We are TRUTH TV. We have many truth-related series and interviews, as well as Truth Movies that Hollywood refuses to produce because it does not serve their narrative. Please take the RED PILL and join our TRUTH REVOLUTION!

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