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Utah Pro Wrestling

Quick Look: Utah Pro Wrestling is an independent wrestling organization based out of Utah that is better known as UCW-Zero. The organization features a bunch of upstart wrestlers, so don't expect any to see any mainstream talent or WWE caliber wrestling. Many of the matches appear to take place in small to medium sized venues/auditoriums as opposed to school gymnasiums that many other organizations use.

This Roku channel offers a collection of on-demand full-length events that include title fights (both men's and women's), "Battle Royals", No Holds Barred matches and Lumberjack matches that have occurred over the last several years. There are currently 12 full-length events (over an hour each), as well as two events under the Devotion Championship Wrestling moniker, which appears to be a much smaller outfit. Events include Winterslam 2019, Rocky Mountain Rumble, Mochipoloza 2019, the 15th and 17 Anniversary shows and some one-on-one matches like the one found below. Additional content can be found on the UCW-Zero YouTube Channel.

-- Information is current as of June 6, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Catch up on Utah's Pro Wrestling scene.

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