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Quick Look: UFOTV is a collection of over 130 videos covering all aspects of the UFO phenomenon. Topics include Crop Circles, Abductions, Government Cover-ups, and Eyewitness Accounts of what people from around the world have seen. Titles include (descriptions as provided in channel menu):

  • The Reality of Truth - Michelle Rodriquez searches the Globe for Hidden Technology from our Ancient.
  • Nixon, Kennedy and The Alien Presence - From EBE Award Winning UFO Researcher, Artists and Filmmaker Jim Nichols.
  • The Solar Revolution - New Solar activity is NOW changing human Consiousness, Creativity and Intelligence.
  • The Klaus Chronicles - Secret World One - Forbidden Archeology and Ancient Artifacts that Can Re-writing Human History.
  • The Phoenix Lights - The Biggest and Most Important UFO Sighting in Modern History
  • The Aeon of Horus 2 - Aliens and Demons - Are Some Aliens Demonic and Are Demons Extraterrestrial?

Unfortunately, the videos are uncategorized, presented in a single row that requires extensive scrolling to browse, and no search function is available. You will also have to sit through two video ads before the channel menu is shown. A newer channel, UFOTV All Access, provides a better user interface and no ads, but requires a paid subscription for streaming any videos.

-- Information is current as of July 31, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: World's largest selection of exotic science and suppressed history movies. The best films available on all things strange and unexplained. UFOs, Conspiracy, Ancient Mysteries, Suppressed Science and the Paranormal.

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