Tyson Plus

If you are looking for the cable-alternative Tyson TV IPTV service, it can be found at this link.

Quick Look: Tyson Plus is a subscription-based channel with content geared towards the black LGBT community, with films and series in the following categories:

  • Series - 13 different series with anywhere from 6 episodes to 2 complete seasons each
  • LGBT Series
  • Drama Series
  • Urban Fantasy Series
  • TysonPlus Throwbacks
  • Erotica Series

You can browse the entire library without registering, and trailers can be streamed for free by selecting a series or film. The full-length videos, however, are locked and you will need to subscribe in order to stream them. Don't be fooled by the "start free trial" button shown when you select a video - your only options are monthly and yearly subscription that are both shown as having "no trial available" (see fees below). You can also subscribe through the Tyson Plus website and then sign into your account through the Roku channel, but the website doesn't offer any free trials, either.

A trailer from this channel is available below.

-- Information is current as of August 8, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: TYSONPLUS is an TV Streaming service that features a diverse collection of content that tells the stories of those within the LGBT Community, Black Community, and more. Subscribe monthly to enjoy some of the most unique media content on the web from multiple genres - SciFi, Drama, LGBT, Horror and Comedy.

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FEES: $9.99/monthly or $74.99/year subscription

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