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Quick Look: TriviaMAX is a multiple choice trivia game which currently focuses on animals. There are 10 questions per category. Each correct answer is worth 5 points with the final question being worth 10 points. You have approximately 10 seconds to pick your answer from the list of 4 possibilities.

The game is not interactive, meaning you must track your answers and scores separately. The questions for each category do not change, so you can only play each category one time. The developers claim they will provide new content every Friday.

Trivia questions can be found in the following categories

  • Sea Animal Trivia
  • Miscellaneous Animal Trivia
  • Farm Animal Trivia
  • Birds Trivia
  • Animal Groups Trivia
  • Animal Groups Trivia Round 2

-- Information is current as of May 24, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Max out your Trivia time with TriviaMAX, TMT MAX's Trivia Channel. TriviaMAX brings you exciting and interesting Trivia about all kinds of topics! New quizzes every Friday!

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