Trivia by HappyKids

Trivia by HappyKids lets you test your knowledge in eight categories that include Movies & TV, Geography, Sports, and Food. Press [OK] on your remote to spin the wheel and see what category it lands on. Each question is worth a set number of points and you're given a limited amount of time to select from four possible answers. Answer wrong and you lose points and a life. Answer 20 questions correctly to win.

Unlike most HappyKids games on Roku, this one is not for the youngest children. In fact, many of the questions would stump most adults, with questions such "What is the financial district of Sao Paulo called?" and "Who scored the fastest century in T20 International Cricket?"

-- Information is current as of May 16, 2024

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: It's time to play! Test your knowledge with the BEST TRIVIA GAME EVER. Can you guess all the answers fast enough? Take a break between TV shows and play to boost your brainpower. Think fast, answer fun questions, and level up your knowledge with the HappyKids Trivia Game for FREE.

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