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TMZ Quick Look: Fans of TMZ can watch segments of the celebrity gossip TV show on the TMZ Roku channel. The latest TMZ videos on Roku are dated a couple of days before the current date, so you'll have to stick with the broadcast version if you must have the absolute latest scoop on Justin Bieber, but casual watchers can stay fairly up-to-date with their celebrity-watching.

You'll also have to catch the broadcast version to watch an entire episode. The most-recent day's video selection, for example, totaled around 12 minutes while full episode, which are available on the TMZ website, are around 42 minutes in length. I haven't been able to match up the Roku videos with segments from the full episodes, though, so there may be little or no correlation between what's on Roku and what's on the TV show.

The channel is ad-supported, but you aren't force-fed an ad before every minute-long video. An ad may play when you select the first video, but videos autoplay in sequence with another ad appearing every few videos.

For more celebrity gossip, check out the Roku channels Hot Gossip by blinkx, Hollywood Ticker, and TV Guide.

-- Information is current as of June 5, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News

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