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ThePlanetD Quick Look: ThePlanetD Roku channel chronicles the around-the-globe travels of Dave and Deb Bouskill. The videos highlight some of the adventures that can be had, like cage-diving with great whites, ice climbing in Alberta, Canada, or swimming with whale sharks in Mexico.

The videos are separated by destinations that include Australia, Canada, Central America, Ireland, Ontario, and the UK. In addition to destinations there are travel tips and a list of adventure activities including trekking, camping, kayaking, camping, and winter sports. There is a fair amount of carry-over from one category to the next, as well as commercials.

-- Information is current as of February 27, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Join Dave and Deb through their travels of 100 countries on 7 continents. Watch as they inspire others to follow their dreams with fun, humor, and excitement. Adventure is for everyone.

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DEVELOPER: Future Today Inc

FEES: None

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