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The Green Archer Episodes

Quick Look: The Green Archer Episodes contains all 15 chapters from the 1940 film serial "The Green Archer" that was based on Edgar Wallace's 1923 novel of the same name. In this serial, "the struggle over the Bellamy estate ends with Michael Bellamy accused of murder and killed on the way to prison, while his brother, Abel Bellamy, takes control of the estate for his own nefarious plans." [1]

The serial is composed of the following chapters, the first of which can be seen below.

  1. Prison Bars Beckon
  2. The Face at the Window
  3. The Devil's Dictograph
  4. Vanishing Jewels
  5. The Fatal Spark
  6. The Necklace of Treachery
  7. The Secret Passage
  8. Garr Castle is Robbed
  9. Mirror of Treachery
  10. The Dagger that Failed
  11. The Flaming Arrow
  12. The Devil Dogs
  13. The Deceiving Microphone
  14. End of Hope
  15. The Green Archer Exposed

-- Information is current as of December 14, 2018

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