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The Figting Marines Series

Quick Look: The Fighting Marines Series includes all 12 chapters of the 1935 film serial "The Fighting Marines," in which the United States Marine Corps interferes with the secret hideout of the masked mystery villain, The Tiger Shark, when they start building a landing strip on Halfway Island in the Pacific Ocean.

The serial is composed of the following chapters, the first of which can be seen below.

  1. Human Targets
  2. Isle of Missing Men
  3. The Savage Horde
  4. The Mark of the Tiger Shark
  5. The Gauntlet of Grief
  6. Robber's Roost
  7. Jungle Terrors
  8. Siege of Halfway Island
  9. Death from the Sky
  10. Wheels of Destruction
  11. Behind the Mask
  12. Two Against the Horde

-- Information is current as of December 14, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: The Fighting Marines is the closing serial created by the Mascot studio. You will see a romantic story full of adventures and human relations. According to the plot, two officers of the United States Marine Corps are fall over each other to gain the heart of the wonderful girl. As it happens, her brother was imprisoned by an insane scientific wizard on a stand-alone jungle island somewhere in Pacific. That madman called the Tiger Shark keeps his location undetected to carry out his dubious dealings far away from publicity. Therefore, when the United States Marine Corps set up building of the landing strip they accidentally stir up a nest of hornets led by the Tiger Shark. But he won’t give up that easy and will do his best to harm the building process.

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