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The Cycling Channel

Quick Look: The Cycling Channel provides a 24/7 live stream of amateur cycling from the USA and Europe. The races are generally shot in first person point-of-vew and appear to be race replays. Race footage is sent in by fans or race participants. All of the video all have commentary and track stats like speed, petal rpm and depending on the format racers vitals (respiratory and cardio). There are a few on-demand segments that you can find by using the down arrow on your remote; however, the primary content is the live stream.

-- Information is current as of March 26, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: The cycling channel provides you 24/7 amateur cycling. Watch our bikers in first person, racing around the USA and Europe. Together with Norcal Cycling, this channel covers strategy, technique, equipment, nutrition, etc. with a focus on road and criterium events.

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DEVELOPER: Streemfire

FEES: None