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The Breaking Point

Quick Look: The Breaking Point provides five seasons of hunting excursions in locales such as North Dakota, Idaho, Wisconsin, Iowa and Ontario, Canada. Videos feature both bow and rifle hunting for different types of game including bear, moose, turkey, whitetail deer, and antelope. Additional content includes field preparation, food plotting, and product endorsements from sponsors.

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-- Information is current as of May 9, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Since the beginning of The Breaking Point, our foremost goal was to be an elite outdoor show on national television. For years, we made great strides in the right direction, we aired on several well known platforms along the way. However, in 2017, we had an idea. An idea fueled by a changing market and an adaptive audience. With TV numbers declining at an alarming rate; why air where the people were no longer watching? Since our epiphany, The Breaking Point has taken digital streaming by storm. In 2018 we aired on 7 unique, entirely digital platforms. Our passion is real; our dedication is unmatched. We strive to be the best, and have no intention of settling for less.

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DEVELOPER: The Breaking Point TV

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