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Quick Look: streams a live show on their website every weekday from 7 to 11 am CST. Afterwards, clips of those shows are available on the website and on their Roku channel. The TastyTrade shows seem to be an attempt at adding humor and other entertainment to the world of financial reporting. Does it work? You'll have to watch for yourself or wait for the full RokuGuide review. There are a lot of long videos here that will take some time to sample.

If you want to preview some videos before adding the channel, you can watch them on the TastyTrade website. The website offers a paid subscription option for $90 per year, which purports to provide members-only broadcasts and "daily trade ideas from experienced market pros". The subscription includes an offer of a free Roku 2, implying that the members-only content can be viewed on the TastyTrade Roku channel. This may be misleading as I didn't find any option on the Roku channel to link the Roku with a TastyTrade account. I didn't subscribe, but I did e-mail TastyTrade about this issue. Until this is clarified, assume that you'll get only the free content on your Roku.

UPDATE: TastyTrade customer service responded to my request about the availability of premium content on the Roku. I was told that premium content will always be posted on the Roku channel three days after it is available to paid subscribers on the website. So paid subscribers don't get any added benefits on the Roku channel.

Developer's Channel Description: It's alternative financial programming by the creators of thinkorswim. Tune in to "Get Tasted," and more where Wall Street squawk meets improv talk, live at 7 am central at and available here whenever you want it.

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