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SS Sweet Stuff

Quick Look: SS Sweet Stuff features YouTuber Sierra Schultzzie and her collection of videos, blogs and Instagram posts. All of the videos are available under the "Latest" tab, but clicking on it will bring these additional video categories:

  • Spring and Summer - Shopping Hauls, tips and clothing trends
  • DIY's - Craft Projects at Home
  • Body Positivity - Mostly Instagram posts
  • DIY Halloween Projects - Halloween outfits yo can make at home
  • Lifestyle and Beauty - makeup tips, Fitness routines, Hacks and more
  • Back to School - Supplies and Back to School outfits
  • Sierra and Stephan + Wedding Series
  • Disney Theater - Disney themed videos

Video titles include "Inside the Dressing Room," "Curvy School Tips: Being the Fat Girl in High School," and "Things Curvy Girls are Tired of Hearing." Below is one of the many videos currently available on this channel.

-- Information is current as of March 21, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Meet Sierra Schultzzie! Do you know that girl? Here you’ll know who is she and what she’s concerned about. Sierra is a lovely young beauty from sunny California. Her cutest smile and lively nature magnetizes hundreds of her subscribers. Also, she’s obsessed with Disney world, adores chihuahua dogs, happily married, and in love with her friends. Surely, there are lots of other preferences and topics in Sierra’s channel but you should know one thing – it’s gonna be fun!

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