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Quick Look: SPREE offers members a collection of on-demand movies, television serials, and animated programming, providing content for everyone in the family. The channel's home screen shows the video library according to the following categories:

  • Binge-Worthy TV
  • New on Spree
  • Hilarity Ensues
  • Mini-series Masterpieces
  • Creatures, Creepers and Jeepers
  • Retro Toon Boom (Cartoons)
  • $1.00 Movie Bundles
  • Fur Friends
  • Tales of Adventure
  • $5.00 Genre Bundles
  • True Crime
  • War Documentaries
  • American History
  • $1.00 TV Series
  • Classic Hollywood
  • Our Amazing World
  • Faith based
  • More you may like...

Each title will let you see the video synopsis and trailer, if available (much of the content lacks trailers). You can also add a title to your watch list if you're logged into your Spree account (see information below). If you rely on the home screen for movies selection, however, you may find yourself confused over pricing. Some content is free, some videos are available for individual purchase, and some content is available as part of a bundle. You may prefer to begin your browsing by pressing the * on your Roku remote, which will allow you to browse by Bundle, Series, or Movies. This is also where you'll find "My Spree," which is the library of titles you already own.

Videos cannot be purchased through the Roku channel. You will need to create an account at SPREE is currently running a promotion in which you get a bundle of 100 movies for free by using the redemption code MOVIESPREE100FREE at after logging into your account. Other video can be purchased through the SPREE website by selecting the video you want to purchase and then entering your billing details.

The offers some popular titles, but most of the content is dated and much of it can be found for free on other Roku channels (although with advertising). Titles include the Benji series, Blackhawk Down, Bonanza, 3 Stooges, and Kids in the Hall. Pricing ranges from $0.99 for vintage public domain titles like Road to Bali to $7.99 for the movie Blackhawk Down.

-- Information is current as of May 10, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Build a vast digital movie library with movieSPREE’s Mega-Movie Bundles, Complete Collections and Super-Sized Series. From obscure cult-classics to thought-provoking documentaries, heartwarming mini-series to retro animation, grow your movieSPREE library and watch more of what you want, when you want, and where you want.

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