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Quick Look: Spotify Music has returned to Roku and now offers free ad-supported music and podcasts. To listen, however, you will need to create a free Spotify account and login - just follow the instructions when you launch the channel.

Once logged in, Spotify on Roku customizes music listings based on your past listening. The Spotify home screen will provide personalized playlists, recommended "radio" stations, "best of" from artists you've listened to, and recommendations similar to what you've played before. To find other tracks and albums, the search function will provide you with playlists containing the search subject, as well as specific tracks, albums, and even podcasts.

Don't ignore that search function if you think all it does is search on terms you enter. From the search menu you explosre wealth of playlists under nearly 50 categories. For example: Top Lists has 14 playlists, including Hot Country, Global Top 50, and United States Top 50; Country has over 70 playlists, including Ken Burns History of Country Music (multiple volumes), Country Rock Classics, and Chillin' on a Dirt Road; and Rock has nearly 100 playlists such as 90s Rock Anthems, Yacht Rock, and Grunge Forever. Other categories include Hip-Hop, Pop, Mood, Tastemakers, R&B, Folk & Acoustic, Classical, Gaming, K-Pop, and Comedy.

Paid subscriptions provide upgraded audio quality, ad-free music, the ability to play tracks while offline, and other benefits. See fees below for more information on subscription costs.

-- Information is current as of December 24, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Everyone can listen to the music they love for free with the new Spotify Roku app. Browse your favourite playlists, albums and tracks, using your Roku remote or phone. And while you are listening to your favourite tunes, check out the beautiful album artwork right there on the big screen. The new Spotify app is ready to play now. Happy listening.

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FEES: Free ad-supported listening. Upgrade for high-quality audio, ad-free music listening, play offline, on-demand playback. Individual accounts at the time of this review are 3 months for $9.99 then $9.99/month. Family and student plans also available. Visit for current rates and plans.