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SPINtv Spinning Workouts

Quick Look: SPINtv Spinning Workouts provides instructor-led Spinning classes for those working out at home. The channel offers a large number of on-demand workouts, letting you choose between different instructors, routines, and training styles. "You can choose to ride speed (high-energy rides that boost leg speed and pace and maximize your ability to accelerate and torch calories), strength (rides that boost strength, power, and mental toughness through heavier resistance and forceful pedal strokes), or stamina (rides that use sustained intensities and movements to increase both physical and mental stamina)."

SPINtv Spinning Workouts is subscription-based, but you can browse the entire workout library for free. (Note that the channel's menu initially shows only eight videos per category, but scrolling across will load many more videos as you scroll.) If you already have a SPINtv subscription, you can use it log into this Roku channel, and your subscription also provides access to workouts through the SPINtv website and on Android, iOS, and AppleTV devices. More information is available on the SPINtv website.

-- Information is current as of April 17, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: The next evolution in Spinning® is here: Now you can ride with the rockstars anytime, anywhere. An ever-growing online library of exclusive Spinning® instructor-led rides you can stream straight to your Wi-Fi and internet-ready devices, SPINtv® puts the power of a studio legacy boasting more than 250,000 Spinning® instructors worldwide straight into your home.

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DEVELOPER: Mad Dogg Athletics

FEES: $14.95/month or $159/year; subscribe at