Speir On Demand

Speir On Demand provides subscription-based Pilates training with workouts in the following categories:

  • Weekly
  • Mat Programs
  • Reformer Programs
  • Mat Pilates
  • Athletic Reformer
  • Select by Level
  • Select by Prop
  • Fit Pregnancy Plan
  • Tutorials
  • Guest Teacher Series

All videos are locked until you subscribe, but you can browse all of the available videos for free.

-- Information is current as of November 18, 2022

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Join Andrea Speir for form-focused, targeted and athletic workouts that fuse classical Pilates with functional training. The Pilates style sequences improve posture, sculpt muscles, boost metabolism, and leave your entire body feeling and looking fantastic. If you are looking for a mind-body based workout that focuses on educated movement that will improve your trajectory of aging, wellness and overall strength and tone, Speir On Demand is for you!

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DEVELOPER: Speir On Demand

FEES: $28.99/month or $299.00/year after 7-day free trial