Snow Battle

Quick Look: Snow Battle is an entertaining game that plays very much like Angry Birds, with an objective of destroying the enemy's igloo. To play the game use the up and down arrows on the remote to adjust the angle of your "snow cannon." Once you have set the trajectory (take into account the wind factor, which is shown on the screen), hold the OK button and watch the gauge next to your fortress of snow; release the OK button when you are ready to fire. The cannon fires a variety of ammunition, including single-shot, 3-shot, and 5-shot snowballs as well as "specialty rounds" that inflict more damage.

Each time you are hit by the enemy, your flag will lower to show how much damage you suffered. The game is over once your flag or your opponents flag is on the ground. During the game a plane flies over displaying different messages about how the game is going.

Once you have eliminated the competition you move on to the next level, each of which has unique names like "Ice Man," "Green Giant," and "Rudolph." You cannot play the next level until you clear the current level. Each level appears to be more competitive and the "specialty rounds" change.

The game has 2 modes of play, single player and two-player match, as well as a "just here to watch" option, which is a game simulation. There is also a screensaver included with this channel.

Screenshots of this game can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of February 28, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Do you have the skills to pummel your opponent? Aim and fire snowballs across your screen to sink the other flag to the ground! Play with a friend in two-player mode, or go up against AI players in the championship tournament. Then relax & watch the snow fall. It's always winter in SnowBattle.

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