SnagXtreme Quick Look: SnagXtreme offers an alternative to your everyday movie selection. The movie/video selection ranges in content from the World Beard and Mustache Championships to UFO documentaries and surfing the greatest waves around the globe. There are also some fairly mainstream movies and documentaries available like "Supersize Me". Most selections seem to lean more to the "indie genre" than mainstream. There are a fair amount of obscure movies and documentaries available that you would have to dig deep into the archives of other channels to find.

Instead of categorizing films by the usual genres, SnagXtreme offers categories that include Catch Some Waves, A Dish Best Served Cold, Hit The Halfpipe, and Get Competitive.

-- Information is current as of March 28, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Sick of the same old boring movies? Snag Xtreme has all the zombie mayhem, sexy thrills, extreme sports and insane balls-to-the-wall violence you can handle. No more falling asleep as Cate Blanchett teaches clarinet to a ragtag group of Mongolian sheep herders

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DEVELOPER: Snagfilms

FEES: Free, or $0.99 per film rental for ad-free viewing.

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