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Quick Look: Sheng Chi Kung Fu is based on Shou' Shu Kung Fu, a martial art for true self defense, rather than exhibition. The Sheng Chi Learn Martial Arts Roku channel features martial arts training for both children and adults.

The children's video series includes 3 videos on the basics, 3 videos on etiquette (how to tie your belt, informal salute, formal salute), 5 half-hour group lessons, and a single video on bully prevention. The videos are all recorded from actual classes with young students.

The adult video series is geared toward yellow belt students (beginners), with videos for Yellow A, Yellow B, and Yellow C. Within each group you'll find 7 to 8 videos on specific techniques such as Famous Four Drill, Attacking the Bear, and Choke from Behind. Each technique offers a video from a group lesson and a video showing tips and techniques.

A short demonstration video from the Sheng Chi Foundation YouTube channel can be viewed below.

-- Information is current as of August 11, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Modern methods for the modern warrior. Our teaching methods allow you to easily learn the most sophisticated art in the world. Right from home. Separate classes designed for both kids and adults. Children's classes designed to build focus, teach self defense skills, build confidence, and more

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