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Shalom World TV

Shalom World TV Quick Look: Shalom World is a Catholic Ministry that is spreading "the Gospel of Christ using all modern means of mass communication."

The channel offers several categories of videos:

  • Shalom World Live - A live stream of an assortment of shows including Mass, documentaries, movies, concerts, talk shows, animations, music videos, conferences and more, all commercial free and HD
  • Endorsements - Assorted clergy from the US and Canada endorse the channel
  • Featured Videos - A series of short show descriptions and infomercial type videos
  • Talk Shows - Several short clips describing show content
  • Children - 30 sec. promo for the animated series "Cherub Wings"
  • Documentaries - A short commercial describing the mysteries of the church

-- Information is current as of May 14, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Commercial-free, high-definition, Catholic family channel that reaches out to the world with the truth of Christ. Featured programs include daily Mass, talk shows, documentaries, animations, music videos, movies, concerts, conferences, and so much more!

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DEVELOPER: Shalom Media USA, Inc

FEES: None

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