Seeker Quick Look: Seeker is a Roku channel that asks "What, How and Why." The channel is comprised of shows that do just that and are hosted by people described as adventurers and explorers. There are currently 15 different series, with new content added as it becomes available. The current library includes:

  • Abandonment Issues - A documentary series that uncovers the history of abandoned properties
  • All Points Project - Watch exiting and upbeat stores from the farthest reaches of the globe
  • Breaking Trail with Coyote Peterson - Follow Coyote as he gets off the beaten path and explores remote areas of North America and its inhabitants
  • City Verite - A series that looks beyond the buildings and the concrete of a city and captures unique moments that make a city come alive
  • Donnie Vincent - A unique perspective on the world of hunting and the thrill of the pursuit
  • Global Degree - Join adventurers Alex, Michael, and Natalia as they traverse the globe in search of their Global Degree
  • Going Off Grid - Follow the lives of people living off the grid
  • Kyle Thiermann- Join surfer Kyle Thiermann as he travels the globe in search of monster waves and learning about new cultures
  • Seeker Daily - Focuses on the personal side of social, world, and domestic issues
  • Seeker Stories - A series of short documentaries designed to enhance our understanding of what is happening in our world today
  • Sixpenny Globe - Followsthe adventures of Kelsey Ogden and Kristen Refermat as they travel from city to city on $30.00 per day
  • This Happened Here - A storytelling series that uses photos to depict different cultures and help explain the story behind the image
  • Travel Basecamp - Join a group of young adventurers as they use popular Latin American travel destinations as their basecamps to explore sites unseen by the average traveler
  • Trucker Josh Vlog - Follow the daily travels of Josh an OTW trucker and his dog, Diesel, as they travel across the country
  • What I Learned - Join host JT (Jason Tongen) as he explores a destination's counter-culture and the colorful characters that call it home

-- Information is current as of March 13, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Seeker is a dedicated to the spirit of adventure and chasing wonder. We want to expand what we see and demystify what we don't know. The shows on Seeker follow travelers around the world, uncovering forgotten stories and abandoned places, and better understanding our world

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