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Secret Truths Of Sci-Fi Movies

Quick Look: Secret Truths Of Sci-Fi Movies has videos from the Wisecrack YouTube channel that looks at the symbolism in many genres of movies and television shows. This Roku channel focuses on science fiction movies, trying to unearth the symbolism and hidden messages they conceal. Movie titles addressed include The Truman Show, Dr. Strange, The Phantom Menace, and The Matrix-Reloaded.

The channel starts out as a live stream but using the arrow keys on your remote and clicking on the Home tab at the bottom of the television screen will bring up the on-demand library of content.

Below is an example video from this channel.

-- Information is current as of November 30, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: In Ex Machina, when Ava murders Nathan, what test has she passed? In Arrival, what is the metaphor behind the heptapod enclosure? We know. But you don't. Because you haven't watched our videos. Join us and learn what's actually going on in the Sci-Fi movies you think you know so well.

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