Second Sight Paranormal Tv

Quick Look: Second Sight Paranormal Tv contains a mix of full-length shows, and trailers for shows, that investigate and discuss paranormal phenomena around the country. Cases include:

  • "Phantoms of the Rink" - Investigates the abandoned Landmark Skate and Fun Center that resembles a modern day ghost town
  • Bon Secour-Spirits of the River - Takes a look at the Swift-Coles House in Bon Secour, Alabama
  • Tub of Sorrow - Investigates the possibility of paranormal activity in the "house of pain"
  • Echoes of War - Investigations into strange stories related to Fort Morgan and Fort Blakeley

There are currently 11 full-length stories available, lasting roughly 30 minutes each. The Second Sight Paranormal Tv YouTube channel contains additional content, including the video below.

-- Information is current as of October 15, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: SECOND SIGHT PARANORMAL TV We feature some of the most-watched indie shows about ghosts, vampires, ghost hunting, paranormal activity, spirits, apparitions, paranormal equipment, psychics, mediums, magic, mysteries, scientific, conspiracy theories, demons, myths, legends, esoteric religion, occult studies, witchcraft, bigfoot, reptilians, monsters, cryptids, cryptozoology, conspiracies, supernatural, aliens, UFOs, fantasy, horror, and more. We accept submissions of amazing, original movies, documentaries, paranormal investigations, and all things scary, spooky, creepy, and cool in the world.

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DEVELOPER: Second Sight TV

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