Save the Kales

Save the Kales Quick Look: Save the Kales is a vegan cooking channel hosted by Jaime K. The channel features hundreds of different recipes that are strictly vegan. The recipes provide all the necessary ingredients, measurements, cooking time and temperature, as well as preparation required. In addition to New and Best, categories include the following:

  • Appetizer
  • Baked
  • Blending
  • Healthy
  • High Protein
  • Main Dish
  • Mushroom
  • Party
  • Salad
  • Side Dish
  • Snack
  • Squash
  • Tossed
  • Vegan

There is a fair amount of overlap between the categories, but there are more than enough recipes available to keep even the strictest of vegan satisfied.

-- Information is current as of September 11, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Enjoy a vegan lifestyle by learning how to cook vegan meals with Save the Kales!

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DEVELOPER: Future Today Inc

FEES: None

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