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Saladeria HD

Quick Look: Saladeria HD has a large collection of videos showing the ingredients and demonstrating preparation techniques. The videos have no narration, just a pair of hands creating the dish, but the videography is beautiful and the food is enticing. Dishes include Salad with beans and ham, Carpaccio with salad, and Salad with glass noodles and shrimp.

You may wonder how an entire video can be created for just a salad, but the dishes here are more than just a bunch of salad greens tossed together. You'll see the proper way to cut and chop ingredients, make dressings from scratch, and professional plate the salads for visual appeal.

-- Information is current as of September 11, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: Easy-to-follow recipes can fit every day and every occasion! The recipes listed here are impeccable for a warm-season cookout and cozy family dinners. You’ll be shown the greatest ways to use seasonal luscious vegetables and fruits.

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