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Sailing Around The World

Quick Look: Sailing Around The World on Roku has three seasons of a vlog that documents "a story of three souls sailing around the world." In 2019, Brian Trautman left his job and left Seattle, setting sail for New Zealand on the SV Delos. His brother Brady joined him a month later, and the "love of his life" Karin joined them in New Zealand... and they've been sailing ever since, documenting the last few years on the Sailing SV Delos YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel currently has five episodes of this around-the-world adventure, but you'll find the first three on this Roku channel. One of these videos can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of September 11, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Imagine selling everything you own, leaving your job, and setting sail! Sailing Vessel Delos left Seattle on a journey around the world 9 years ago. The crew documents their journey in a series of video blogs, sharing the exotic destinations and amazing people they meet along the way.

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DEVELOPER: Brian Trautman

FEES: None

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