Roku Space Theme Pack

Quick Look: Roku Space Theme Pack provides a spaceship-themed wallpaper and screensaver for your Roku device. Also available separately, the Roku Space Wallpaper changes the background image on your Roku user interface to a sci-fi graphic meant to look like you're viewing a planet from a window in a spaceship, while the Roku Space Screensaver displays a continually-scrolling graphic that provides a look out of several different spaceship windows while your Roku is idle. Although they aren't overly-intrusive, be aware that the screensaver also displays promotions for free trials of streaming services. See screenshots of the wallpaper and screensaver below.

-- Information is current as of May 22, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: Turn your Roku into an Intergalactic space station with this Space inspired wallpaper and screensaver.

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DEVELOPER: Roku Themes

FEES: None

Roku Space Theme Pack - Wallpaper
Roku Space Theme Pack - Screensaver