Roku City

Roku City is an animated wallpaper that changes the background of your Roku menu screens to show a bayside city skyline at night, as shown in the screenshot below. The Roku City wallpaper animations are subtle, but if you watch closely you'll see the ferris wheel spinning and may notice other action like a spaceship and a submarine - but we don't want to spoil the surprise by telling you everything we saw. The screensaver is a spin-off from the City Stroll: Movie Magic screensaver, which also shows a stylized cityscape with pirate ships, dragons, and a wide variety of other objects.

When we first reviewed this wallpaper we said that we saw no animations. However, the animations are supported only on certain Roku models and we were using one of our older devices. Unfortunately, Roku doesn't say which models support wallpaper animation.

When installing this app through the channel store "Add Channel" link below, you will be asked if you to make Roku City your default wallpaper. If you decline and wish to add it later, or if you accept and then want to change your wallpaper to something else, from your Roku's home screen go to Settings >> Theme >> Wallpaper to select your wallpaper of choice.

-- Information is current as of June 15, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: I spy… strange things and hypnotic activity unfolding by the bay. What do you see?

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DEVELOPER: Roku Themes

FEES: None

Roku City wallpaper screenshot