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REVtv Quick Look: REVtv, which stands for Revolution Television, is described as consisting of "youth/young adult and contemporary ministries, live services, talk shows, reality shows, game shows, sports shows, sitcoms, comedies, historical shows, documentaries, music entertainment shows, made for TV dramas, movies and much more."

The REVtv Roku channel offers two viewing options. Watch REVtv is a single live stream broadcast. The programming schedule for this stream is available here, and a list of all shows can be found here. Watch Live Events streams live events when available. A schedule for these events is available here.

-- Information is current as of May 18, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: REVtv is a Christian Youth/Young Adult Media Network. The purpose of REVtv is to turn the hearts of a generation to Jesus through media. SEE IT, BE IT. You have heard, 'seeing is believing', well, at REVtv seeing is becoming! Visit

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DEVELOPER: FaithNetwork

FEES: None

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