Puzzle Art

Quick Look: Puzzle Art is a Roku game that uses images of famous paintings that are divided into concentric circles, like a bullseye target. The center of the bullseye is in the correct orientation, but each surrounding ring is rotated out of position. Using your Roku remote, you select each ring and rotate it to its correct position. When all rings are in the correct position, you advance to the next level.

To play, you will need a Roku 3 with an enhanced gaming remote (Roku 3 remote). Each puzzle starts with the outer ring selected, but you can adjust the rings in any order. Use the directional arrows on your remote to move from ring to ring. Hold the OK button while tilting your remote from side to side to rotate the selected ring. After solving a puzzle, press the A button to move to the next.

There are 15 puzzles in all. The initial puzzle is a fairly simple image with only two rings to adjust. Each level adds rings and/or the image gets more complex, making it more difficult to figure out which way they should be oriented. The most difficult part of this game is dealing with the Roku remote. It may takes several tilts back and forth to orient a ring the way you want it. Still, you should be able to finish all 15 puzzles in a fairly short amount of time. Difficulty could be increased if the center was also incorrectly oriented, and I see a lot of possibilities here if additional levels were added with geometric shapes.

A short game play video below better illustrates how the puzzles are solved.

-- Information is current as of June 29, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Circular puzzle unique famous artistic works, entertaining, test your puzzle solving skills with this compilation of puzzles inspired on famous paintings.

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