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Quick Look:Purple Gator TV's basic premise is to make you feel better after watching their programming. They attempt to do this by bringing you positive stories to promote happiness. The channel offers videos in the following categories:

Health & Fitness - Here you will find several exercise and weight loss videos, stress busting videos as well as healthy an natural food remedies to get you feeling healthier and better about yourself.

Movies - 21 movies from 3 genres Drama, Laughs and Feel Good

Animals - The stories of human and animal interactions as well as a collection of exotic and wildlife videos

Human Interest - "Heart Warming" movies and trailers including a full length feature "Road to Happiness" plus several videos about Dreams and Aspirations as well as videos categorized as "Our World"

Comedy: Animated clips and shorts from independent contributors, full length feature "Topper Returns" plus several AFV style videos

Reviews - Toy unboxings

In addition to the video content there is a request from the developers to send in your input about the channel, make suggestions for the type of programming you would like to see.
-- Information is current as of September 13, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Need a lift? A confidence boost? Something to make you smile or relax? A heart warming story? Beautiful images and music? A little guidance? Purple Gator Television is total feel good TV, No bad news, no sad facts, no downers: just content to give you a little boost and to brighten up your day.

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DEVELOPER: Purple Gator Ltd

FEES: None

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