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Prime TV Network

Prime TV Network Quick Look: In addition a livestream broadcast, the Prime TV Network Roku channel offers on demand access to short films, indie music videos, trailers for movies currently in theaters, feature films, Hollywood behind-the-scenes, episodic shows, and news feeds.

The feature films category includes the following categories, although some categories are empty or have only a single title: Supernatural & Real Life Stories, Serial Killers and Murderers, Feature Films, Documentary Films, Wildlife, and Classic Feature Films.

In News Feeds you'll find six choices: Sky News plus five local feeds.

-- Information is current as of October 2, 2012

Developer's Channel Description: Prime TV Network is a collection of independent artist works in Film, TV, Music, Lifestyle and Local News categories. With a focus in film and television we aim to offer entertaining programing to a diverse audience with an appreciation for cinematic art.

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DEVELOPER: Prime TV Network

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