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PRIDE Outdoor Network

Quick Look: PRIDE Outdoor Network features outdoor shows by all types of outdoor producers, "from small YouTube Channels to Large TV Shows." The channel offers viewers a staggering amount of content, although the vast majority of programming features hunting shows with an emphasis on deer hunting. Quality ranges from single-camera home-produced blogs to professionally-produced half-hour series. Examples of the latter include:

  • Southern Attraction Outdoors - 1 season (2020) of episodes that include early Mississippi dear season hunting and alligator hunting in the swamps of the Mississippi delta.
  • Bone Cold TV - 2 seasons (2019 and 2021) with episodes that include Caribou hunting in Quebec and bow hunting water buffalo in Australia.
  • The Direction - 2 seasons (2020)with episodes that include fishing for smallmouth on the White River in the heart of Indianapolis and ledge fishing for largemouth on Kentucky Lake.

Those are just three of nearly 50 different shows currentl available. Shows are not categorized by content, only by show name. Content can also be found on the PRIDE Outdoor Network YouTube channel, including the example video below.

-- Information is current as of April 9, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: PRIDE Outdoor Network is a FREE to Watch Network with the goal of being filled with all types of outdoor shows that feed the soul and entertain every type of Outdoor Enthusiast! Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, Hiking, Camping and many more Adventures will be found from all walks of life!

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