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Prepared Camping

Quick Look: Prepared Camping, from the Prepared Camping YouTube Channel, provides a collection of videos featuring gear reviews, campfire cooking tips, bushcraft, and self-reliance skills that anyone who has ever spent a night in the woods can use. In addition to the tips, you will find gear reviews and recommendations for basic camping gear such as hatchets, cook sets, water filters and first aid kits. Titles include "Getting bushcraft materials from worksites," "Mundesley Beach and Cromer Pier Norfolk Summer 2018," and "Cheap and simple DIY blacksmith forge." One of the videos currently available on this channel can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of July 18, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: I've always enjoyed spending time outdoors appreciating nature whilst learning and practicing skills that are being forgotten by people today on this channel, I'll be posting regular videos on; gear reviews, camping, campfire cooking, bush craft and self-reliance skills.

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