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Prehistoric Pets TV

Quick Look: Prehistoric Pets TV has a large collection of videos about exotic pets, produced by Prehistoric Pets, a pet store in Fountain Valley, California. Videos can be found in the following categories:

  • Breeding Scenes
  • Giant Snakes
  • Hatching Scenes
  • Lavender Reptiles
  • Lizards Junction
  • Pythons Special
  • Reticulated Pythons
  • Spider Zone
  • The Reptile Zoo
  • Titaniums

As you can see, there is a heavy emphasis on snakes - pythons in particular - and other reptiles. Titles include "Paster Fire Spider Hatching," "Most Rare Venomous Lizards in the World: Gila Monster and Beaded Lizard," and the video shown below.

-- Information is current as of January 29, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Prehistoric Pets is a one of a kind pet store in Fountain Valley, California specializing in exotic

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DEVELOPER: Future Today Inc.

FEES: None

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