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Pilot Training

Quick Look: Pilot Training provides aspiring pilots with an overview of what is involved in obtaining either your private pilot's license or commercial drone pilot's license. The private pilots category covers topics that include Weather, Weights and Balances, Instrumentation, Systems, Controls, and Decision making. Additional topics found on their website include E-Learning, Simulation and Flight Planning.

The Drone training videos are designed for commercial drone pilots. These videos are designed to help prepare you for the FAA written exam for small unmanned aerial systems, with videos covering topics such as sUAS Regulations, Operations, Loading and Performance, Weather, Physiological Factors and more.

The Pilot Training System YouTube channel contains additional videos, including the one below.

-- Information is current as of April 15, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Are you passionate about flying, but think that becoming a pilot is just a pipe-dream? The dream is closer than you think! The Pilot Training System curriculum can help you start down the path to your Pilot License for FREE! Log on to to take free quizzes and practice exams and access more training videos, news, aviation forums and advanced simulation tools.

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