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Old Time Classics

Quick Look: Old Time Classics is a neatly organized and curated collection of vintage films and television shows. Even though many if not all of these films are available on multiple Roku channels they have taken the time to organize the films and provide a brief synopsis for each movie.

Movies are available in the following genres as well as a few of the available titles:

  • Feature Films - 12 titles including The Man Without Desire(1923), Monstroid, 11 Neath Brooklyn bridge(1942)
  • Sci-Fi/horror Films - 32 titles including Curse of Bigfoot(1975), The Disappearance of Flight 412, Last Man on Earth
  • Comedy - 29 titles including Spooks Run Wild, That Gang of Mine and East Side Kids
  • Silent Films - 75 titles featuring An Arcadian Maid(1910), The Glorious Lady(1919) and many assorted silent shorts
  • Film Noir - 49 titles including Scarlet Street(1945), Terror by Night and Dressed to Kill
  • Classic TV 50 - Episodes from various series including Emergency Ward (1959), Betjeman's West Country (1962) and Val Parnell's Spectacular (1960)

-- Information is current as of March 1, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Revisit the past and watch the most highly regarded classic movies from a variety of genres including feature films, comedy, silent films, film noir, and horror. These classic films have been collected from a wide variety of sources, in only the highest quality, for your viewing pleasure.

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