Mystery Science Theater 3000

Quick Look: Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Roku contains teasers and video previews for upcoming films to be "riffed" on this long standing show. The show revolves around a janitor who is being held captive by 2 mad scientists who force him and his two robot creations to watch a series of mostly vintage B-movies to get their reactions. During the film the three will make wisecracks pertaining to the film and its content.

At the time of our review, the Roku channel is still under construction and the full library of content is not yet available, but the channel owner promises the following features are on the way:

  • BROWSE, RENT & BUY every (legally) available episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, from Season 1 through 13: all the Joel, Mike, Jonah and Emily you can handle.
  • ATTEND LIVESTREAM PREMIERES for all 13 new episodes we'll release in 2022, plus a dozen more special livestream events where you can interact with the show's cast and crew.
  • STREAM YOUR PERSONAL COLLECTION of MST3K episodes from THE GIZMOPLEX on [this] video-consumption platform.

There is no indication of when these options will become available, you will currently find a collection of 13 "coming attractions" videos and 4 "classic clips." Upcoming content includes "The Christmas Dragon," "The Mask in 3D," "The Batwomen," "The Million Eyes of Sumuru," and 9 additional titles.

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 YouTube channel contains additional content including the video found below.

-- Information is current as of February 11, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 presents the newest innovation in movie riffing, as we invite you to enter THE GIZMOPLEX... the First Cineplex on the Moon!

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DEVELOPER: Satellite of Love LLC

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