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My Generation Entertainment

Quick Look: My Generation Entertainment contains a collection of 40 vintage films from the 1940s with titles that currently include Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome, a 1947 thriller starring Boris Karloff thas is the fourth and final installment of the Dick Tracy film series; Captain Kidd a 1945 adventure film set in 1699, in which pirate William Kidd loots and destroys the English galleon The Twelve Apostles near Madagascar. ; Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven a 1948 romantic comedy about a Dallas reporter who goes to New York with the dream of becoming a playwright; and "16 Fathoms Deep, a 1948 adventure film set in post-WW2 Florida about a former Navy diver who is hired by Greek-American sponge divers who are at the mercy of a crooked sponge-exchange owner.

-- Information is current as of November 11, 2020

Developer's Channel Description: Wonderful Classic Features From the Golden Years (1930 - 1960s) of Movie Going and TV Matinees.

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DEVELOPER: Myrtle Grove Media

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