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Music Telegraph

Quick Look: Don't be fooled by the Roku channel store description for Music Telegraph. This channel has no live recordings or concerts and no ability to create playlists. However, we're listing the channel anyway for those who may have interest in its collection of 40 interviews with celebrities with varying levels of stardom. Example titles include "Kathy Griffin on Comedy, Trump, and Being on the No Fly List" and "How Julio Salgado Utilizes Art to Express Life as a Queer, Undocumented Man." One of the videos found on this channel can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of September 5, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: "Welcome to Music Telegraph, a shortcut to global music. Crystal clear video and high-fidelity sound quality make your experience complete joy. Watch and listen to the live recordings and concerts of your favorite bands free! Music Telegraph helps you wash away the stress as soon as you log in. It blurs the boundaries between you and the world, wrapping you around with the quality sound. Catch the music vibes wherever you are! Create playlists, review, share, and recommend music to your friends and followers. Music Telegraph enables easy and fast browsing, searching by artist and track, managing your playlists (shuffle, repeat, play all, etc.). This app is all about commodity, that’s why it is preferred by many music lovers worldwide..."

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