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Mr and Mrs North TV

Quick Look: Mr. and Mrs. North was a long-running television series that ran from 1942-1963 and starred Richard Denning and Barbara Britton . The series featured this married couple as they take on the roles of amateur detectives solving crimes and unsolved mysteries in NYC before the police do.

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Roku Channel Store Description: Jerry North (William Post Jr.) and his wife, Pam (Gracie Allen)return home after a night away in a holiday spirit. The spirit soon vanishes when the body of a man falls out of the liquor closet. The corpse is identified as Stanley Brent, the estranged husband of Carol Brent (Rose Hobart), a friend of Pam's. As the clues are unearthed, it appears that some member of the North's social circle, who knew they would be away, gained entrance to their apartment, asked Brent to come there and murdered him. Pam tries to establish alibis for all of her friends, and in doing so inadvertently establishes who killed Brent.

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