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Quick Look: Movies Anywhere is an app that aggregates the movies you've purchased from Google Play, VUDU, iTunes, and Amazon, allowing you to watch those movies from the Movies Anywhere app or from any of the participating apps (note that the iTunes app is not available on Roku). Rather than jumping between multiple apps to access all of the movies you own, you can launch any one of these apps to find them all in one place. Movies from FOX, SONY, NBC Universal, Disney (including Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, and Pixar), and Warner Bros Entertainment are currently available; Paramount and Lionsgate are two notable exceptions that are not yet participating.

Here is how to use Movies Anywhere:

  • Create a free account by visiting You can sign in using a Google or Facebook account, or create unique Movies Anywhere credentials with a new username and password.
  • Connect to your Vudu, Amazon Video, Google Play, and iTunes accounts following the onscreen instructions. For each service, Movies Anywhere will redirect you to a login page on that service's website where you will have to login and agree to allow that service to share information with Movies Anywhere.
  • Launch the Movies Anywhere channel on your Roku device and follow the instructions to link your Roku to your Movies Anywhere account. To do this, you will need to visit on your computer or mobile device and enter the activation code shown in the channel.

After linking your Roku to your Movies Anywhere account, all of your purchased movies should show up in the Roku channel, as long as you've linked the individual services to Movies Anywhere and the movies are from one of the participating studios. But you don't even need to use the Movies Anywhere channel if you don't want to. Once you've activated your video services, all of your movies will be available in all of the services. Movies purchased from Amazon Video, for example, will also be available for viewing in the Vudu and Google Play apps.

If you do choose to use the Movies Anywhere channel, you'll find that it's rather basic and you can't do anything on it other than browse and watch your movies. You can find movies to purchase through the Movies Anywhere website, but once you select a movie to purchase you will be redirected to one of the four retail services to check out. If you prefer to browse and purchase through your Roku or other device, you will need to do so through the individual apps.

Account management must also take place through the Movies Anywhere website. Select the pull-down menu next to your name in the upper right of the web browser and you'll be able to take the following actions:

  • Manage Profiles - Adding a profile for each household member will let you set restrictions on ratings allowed for profile. Restrict the highest rating to G, PG, PG-13, or R; or select ALL to include films rated NC-17 and Unrated and Not Rate films.
  • Manage Retailers - Add or remove video services.
  • Migrate DMA Account - If you are a Disney Movies Anywhere user, you can import those movies into this Movies Anywhere app.
  • Video Data Sharing - Select the information that Movies Anywhere is allowed to share with partners.
  • Closed Caption Settings - Decide how you with closed captions to appear by selecting fonts, sizes, colors, backgrounds, and more.

In addition to the Roku, Movies Anywhere is supported on on Android, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, and iOS devices; Android TV; and Apple TV, and devices.

For help with Movies Anywhere, visit the Movies Anywhere Help Center at

-- Information is current as of October 13, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: One home for your favorite movies, it's that simple. Seamlessly store the movies, you've collected in one place, so you can watch them when and where you want. With Movies Anywhere, every night is movie night. To unlock the full experience, visit Movies Anywhere on your mobile device or computer.

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