Minesweeper Deluxe

Quick Look: Minesweeper Deluxe on Roku is an iteration of the classic single-player puzzle game that came bundled with early versions of the Windows operating system. This version is similar to more-basic Minesweeper Roku game that has been available since 2014, but adds some new features, including the ability to track scores from multiple users.

As described in the Minesweeper Deluxe instructions, the object of the game is to expose all non-bomb squares without exposing a bomb. If a number is displayed when you expose a square, it indicates how many bombs are touching that square. A bomb may be touching any side or any corner. Use the directional arrows on your Roku remote to highlight a square, the use the following buttons to select or flag it:

  • OK - Uncovers the square, exposing a bomb or empty square.
  • Fast-forward - Puts a flag on the square to show that you've determined that the square contains a bomb. If you change your mind, return to the square and press the button again to remove the flag.
  • Rewind - Puts a question mark on the square as a reminder to yourself that you aren't sure whether a bomb is in that square or not.

Pressing the * key at any time will bring up the menu where you can load a new game, change to a different size board, change player, or check high scores. The game tracks your scores and your games played as well as showing how well you stack up against other players from around the world.

-- Information is current as of May 18, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Classic Minesweeper comes to Roku! Free, fun, and intuitive with 3 game board sizes, multiple players, undo, global scores and more. Great fun for everyone

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DEVELOPER: PC-Magic Software, LLC

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